STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT (SEA) is made in line with the Procedure for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes as approved by Resolution No 967 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 18 August 2004 at the concept stage of drawing up of comprehensive territorial plans. The subject of the assessment is a long-term strategic document – conceptual provisions and alternatives of the comprehensive plan of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania (The Plan) brought forward to SEA developer. Assessment methods, aspects and environment components are chosen in relation to the strategic level of the document in question and also indicated in the technical specification of the tender documentation.

SEA procedures are carried out domestically, also at the cross-border level by delivering necessary SEA materials to EU member states and other countries specified in the abovementioned Procedure.


  • Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania as the organiser of the comprehensive plan.
  • Consultative working group comprised of representatives of a number of public authorities (Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, State Service for Protected Areas, State Forest Service, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Agriculture).
  • The Plan Coordination Commission (‘Coordination Commission’) comprised of ministerial representatives.
  • The public.SEA stakeholders should produce their conclusions on The Plan concept solutions and the quality of SEA documents in accordance with the provisions of the Procedure. The consultative working group and the public get engaged in the process by the right of non-SEA stakeholders. Members of the consultative working group should provide information and advice to the Plan organiser and developers. The public may make comments and proposals with regard to the SEA report and draft plan. The Coordination Commission will accept completed the Plan solutions in the form of spatial development strands of the national territory and functional priorities of territorial use. Solutions should be selected and adopted on the basis of the conclusions of the SEA report.

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